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Tommy & TLC

Tommy is a very active dad who has been on Southern California airwaves for over 15
years and another 15+ all over the SouthWest from Phoenix, Denver, Salt Lake City
and Los Angeles. Many California radio listeners knew Tommy from his years of being
part of an Inland Empire morning show. Now he calls La Quinta and The Big 106 his
home. It’s no surprise that Tommy’s kids have also been part of his radio show. Many
people in Southern California have listened to Tommy’s family adventures via his
popular “Daddy Diaries” episodes for years. Tommy & wife Raye have been together
30 years and keep busy with their four kids, ages 30 to 14. Their house is a collection
of video games, band instruments, DJ equipment and outdoors camping gear. Tommy
and two of his boys are black belts in shotokan karate, so mom/wife Raye has her own
security team of ninjas.

Tommy has wanted to be “the man inside the radio” since he was a toddler and when
he clicks the microphone on at The Big 106, he may be the biggest kid of the entire

Random facts from Tommy & family:

* Taylor Swift taught Tommy how to shoot selfies when the trend was barely taking off.
* Blake Shelton held Tommy’s son Gabe (who is now 18) when he was just born and
said his hair looked like a “troll doll”
*Tommy credits his mom for his career success. She was a single mom in the 1970s
and told him to chase his dreams.
*Tommy’s first job was in country radio in Flagstaff Arizona where he went to college.
*Tommy used to work at K-Mart in High school. He worked off and on again for them
for 6 years. He delivered Domino’s Pizza during summer breaks in college.
*Tommy is also national voice talent and can be heard across the entire USA on
hundreds of radio stations.
*Tommy’s son Christopher takes after his dad and got to interview one of his heroes a
couple of years ago when he interviewed Tom Kenny (aka: Spongebob)
*Tommy is bilingual and was raised in Peoria Arizona
*Tommy has been a Stagecoach Festival Honky Tonk Stage DJ three times.

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