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Randy Houston

As his name hints, Randy was born in Houston, Texas and raised in Sulphur, Louisiana. He has been in radio since his high school days. Randy is a current Diamond Beach Body Coach and is active in several charitable organizations. He lives in Yucca Valley on 5 acres in the high desert here in Southern California. Randy's hobbies include Harley Davidson motorcycles, target shooting, classic cars, exploring the great outdoors, travel, country music, fine cigars, writing and performing music, and caring for animals.

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Thanks to Blue Light Specials (and a couple of club DJ friends) TLC got into radio while working in the KMart Ladies Department! After going to the Columbia School of Broadcasting, she found her way to the Coachella Valley where she has been ever since. She still likes to visit her hometown of San Clemente when she can with her husband and 3 boys, where a lot of her family still lives.

BIG 106.1 is the perfect fit for her, as she was raised on Top 40 and Country music. She loves all kinds of music and embraces today's country! In addition to music, TLC loves to dance (she took 5 dance classes in college) and even acting (she was once on General Hospital and Star 80).

As a Christian, TLC looks forward to producing the Sunday Morning Show - The Spirit of Country!

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Ralph Squillace

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Dakota Dave

Dave Acosta has been an energetic, positive, and fun voice in Coachella Valley radio for close to 20 years. Dave was born and raised in the bustling city of Philadelphia where he grew a passion for radio early on by listening to the great DJs and artists such as Aretha Franklin, Gladys Knight, The OJays, The Four Tops, and more. Dave was the 12 year old kid that built a radio station in his bedroom complete with music, jingles (that he recorded off the radio), and commercials he would program in between the songs. As Dave entered the real world of radio, he made it a point to learn every job in the station with leads to his full time love for producing commercials. When Dave is not on the air he is running our Production Department making sure each and every result-driven commercial is the absolute best it can sound.

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